Thursday, May 2, 2013

Yard sale update

Good morning everyone!

Here is an update on our up and coming yard sale. We have made our posters, decorated our money jar and will be headed out to put up our signs today. We are all very excited because tomorrow our yard sale to help feed the hungry will start.

That's right, even my garage is clean and ready to go. I am amazed at all of the donations I have picked up from friends, I have so much more than I could have imagined. Now to sell all of this will be a great accomplishment!

We are calling this "Project Compassion" because compassion is love put into action. After we finish the 2 day yard sale, off we will go to purchase food for the food bank...this is so exciting!


Decorating the money jar, it's pretty big we are expecting great success. Dream BIG!

                                                          The money jar is complete!


                                 The children decorating posters for the yard sale. Almost done.

Now we pray for a sunny day, no rain, and lots of people to buy lots of stuff. King George food bank here we come!

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