Thursday, May 30, 2013

The baby birds are here

What a beautiful Thursday morning. The birds were singing by the window while I read. A while ago I posted pictures of the bird eggs in my flower basket. Well guess what. The eggs have hatched and the baby birds are here! They are so cute and they look like little grey and white cotton balls with pink beaks.

Still the flower basket hangs with the dried up dead flowers and leaves in it. I wonder what people that walk and drive by think or say about the dead basket of flowers that hang from my porch? Not so pretty.


I don't wonder for long. Within this basket of dead flowers are five living, fuzzy baby birds. They are just lovely.

Just like life. From the outside looking in our finances, romances and even career chances may look dead. Maybe a dream or ministry has perished, but you never know what God is birthing on the inside. Something alive, something beautiful, just wait and see.


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