Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Tuesday poem

It's a terrific Tuesday and I hope all is well with you. Here is Tuesday's poem. I wrote this years ago during a rough time in my life, be blessed and encouraged by it.

when it looks like the world around me 
is falling apart it's then that i need
God to speak to my heart

in desperation i cry out
knowing this life is sometimes about
trials and tests to show what I'm made of
will i walk away from God's love

will i choose my own way
his statues and decrees disobey

this walk is sometimes rather hard
my secret fears i sometimes guard

will i release them let them go
my future i want to know

but i find that i must trust God
i have no answers sometimes a clue

God knows what he wants me to do
so i must remain in his will
learning to trust him and be still

copyright 2009 Verlyn Tarlton

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