Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Life, death and rebirth

I hope all is well with everyone on this beautiful Wednesday morning. About 2 weeks ago, I purchased some beautiful hanging baskets of flowers for my front porch, I don't have a green thumb, so this would be easy, so I thought.

When I brought the flowers they were a beautiful fuchsia/purple color, vibrant and full, boy did my porch look lovely. In about 2 days, the flowers were wilted, dry and looked dead. I watered them thinking they would bounce back, no go.  Turns out the flowers needed to be in shade, I had them in direct sun light on my porch, not a good thing. I waited a couple of days and still they were dead and did NOT look so nice on my porch anymore.  My solution, get rid of them, they were now an eye sore.

I took them down to recycle the soil, the pot and toss away. Guess what I found?

What a wonderful surprise!  I would have never imagined such beauty in dead flowers.

The children saw science and life right on their front porch.

The nest now has 5  pretty little eggs and we will leave the basket alone and wait for the eggs to hatch.

Now because I am a writer, I find a lesson to write about in almost everything I see. The flowers started out beautiful, then they died. To me it was just a basket of dead flowers that needed to be tossed out, to the mommy bird, it was a perfect home to build a nest and lay her eggs. To the mommy bird those dead flowers represented a new place to start life.


So now the basket still hangs on my front porch. To the naked eye it looks like a basket of dead flowers, maybe an eye sore to those who drive by. They might think "she should take those dead flowers down, no class." But within it are signs of new life/rebirth, soon those little eggs will be little birds, alive and chirping.

Sometimes a situation in life may look dead, but if you take the time to look close enough, you just might spot new life...

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