Saturday, May 25, 2013

Back to basics

When I hear running water I get all kinds of creative thoughts and new ideas. My brilliant friend explained that the negative ions from the water has this effect, it's a scientific fact. That's another blog.

So as I was running water getting ready for the day I looked at my hair and overall appearance. I looked rough on this day. Then it occurred to me that I looked this way all week. I had just let myself go, after all it was a very busy week with the children.

 So here's what came to me.

Do I take my husband for granted? Not intentionally, but by my actions, and neglect. I don't always care for my hair, clothes etc because in the back of my mind I know he loves me.

I thought back to when I worked outside of the home. I would never go to work looking like I look too often now. Grant it working on a marriage is the hardest work I have ever done. But I gave it my all in the work place and kept myself up at the same time perhaps I can do the same in my marriage.

So what am I saying here? As wives we can maintain a strong work ethic in our marriages to the best of our abilities. Here are a few beginning tips to help.

Put some time and care into your appearance, hair, neatness, etc. There was something attractive that drew your husband to you, let's not lose it.

Use manners such as please and thank you. So simple but a good start to showing kindness and consideration.

Remember what he likes and give it to him. Is he crazy about food? Cook some of his favorite meals.

Pay him attention. We get lost in the kids, work and busy stuff but men need attention too. They want to feel "wanted". 

A compliment goes a long way. Try it. Make sure he hears you and make eye contact. Be sincere and let him know he's appreciated.

Stash "I'm thinking of you" notes in a pocket or lunch bag. Send texts and emails that say "hope you have a great day". Be creative with this one. ; ) 

Learn his love language. This varies but you can pinpoint it. To get an idea of what I'm talking about read "The 5 love languages" by Gary Chapman. It's a good book. Maybe I'll do a post on this later.

Again this is just a start but a good one.

Think back to the way things were. The excitement of it all. Sure it has worn off, children have come, bills are knocking at the door, work is demanding in or out of the home and the list goes on. It will require a little work on our part. Is it worth it? The question is... Is he worth it? Is your marriage worth the work to keep it up?

The truth is, we make time for the things we want to do and we put effort into what's important in life. We can do this! 

May we all learn wisdom and gain insight in our homes and marriages.

I would love to hear from you with comments or suggestions.

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