Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Children at the food bank

Today has been a very exciting day for us all. We went to the food bank to help stock the shelves with the food we purchased this week. Everyone at the food bank was so kind and welcoming, especially to the children. They walked away with lollipops at the end. We all enjoyed the whole experience and now this goal is complete.

Other projects are in the works in terms of caring for those in our community and eventually our world. Our next focus will be the elderly who are often forgotten.

I'm thinking I will stop using the word "project" must be the teacher in me. I want to convey to the children that giving, compassion and caring are a life style, not special "projects". Something about that word really gets the kids excited. 

My goal as a parent is to instill that giving is not only a form of compassion but also a form of gratitude. We give because we are thankful for our blessings. We give to others because we have been given to.   


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