Thursday, February 13, 2014

Listening for the nail

Recently I was taking down some d├ęcor from my walls, the last of the Christmas garland. I know it's ridiculous but I just love Christmas decorations. As I was pulling out a little nail from the wall, it dropped. Seeing that I was standing on a ladder, I knew it would be hard to see where the tiny nail was falling so instinctively I closed my eyes, listening for the direction the nail would fall in.

I heard it fall to the right side of where I was standing on the ladder. I got down and picked the nail right up.

As I finished up my project, this thought came to me. Sometimes when we are in a challenging situation, we try to see the situation instead of listening to or listening for God. Perhaps we need to close our eyes to what we see (the circumstances) and listen for the direction of the voice of God.

When I pulled out the nail and then dropped it, I did not have my glasses on and I knew I could not see which way it was going. By listening, being still and closing my eyes, I was able to follow the sound of the nail in terms of where it hit the floor. It all happened in the matter of a second or two but it was still a powerful lesson. 

There are times God may require that of us. Instead of looking at our surroundings, He may want us to listen for His voice as we close our eyes in prayer. Then He will lead us right to where He is.

everyday talk ....

Monday, February 10, 2014

A family mission statement

So my husband and I have been talking about some future goals in terms of our family and our focus. In all of our planning I realized that in the past few years of talking we never wrote anything down. Maybe that's why we have missed some of our goals.

When you think about it, most companies, ministries and non-profit organizations have mission statements. They set goals and then make a plan on how they will carry them out. They have a vision and implementation.

Why not incorporate this strategy in our families? Here is a simple plan we have started and put into writing. Just the beginning works of a plan in action.

As we continue to talk we will add goals such as: raise our children to be respectful, responsible and resourceful adults.

It seems that putting our family mission/vision into writing is already bringing a sense of clarity and focus. There is a saying that "if you fail to plan-you plan to fail". Not sure where this quote is from but it makes lots of sense and plays out in real life! 

Our family focus whether short term or long term is important and with that said, it's worth taking the time to write it out and re-visit it.

Why not sit down and talk about your family's dreams and goals and bring clarity by writing them down. It may be a small beginning but it can bring about BIG results!

everyday talk....

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Broken glass/clean floors...

Last week I experienced a great object lesson with the children. We were eating breakfast and I had to step away for a minute. I gave them very clear instructions to sit and finish their cereal and that I would be right back in a few minutes. At the time we were eating from our pretty glass bowls.

While in the back I heard a big crash and I knew there was broken glass. As a general rule, we are to always stay seated while eating, especially if I have to step away for a moment. When I came out there was glass all over the floor. I looked at the mess and immediately ushered the children out so I could get up the glass. Of course I asked what happened and who was playing at the table.  After getting the details from the offenders, I told them to go sit on their beds and not make a sound.

As I was getting up the broken glass I looked and saw that the floor was in need of a good scrubbing, something I'd rather not do. I had to move the table and all six of the chairs out of the dining room, I vacuumed and swept up the glass along with the cereal and then began to get on my hands and knees to scrub the floor. 

When I got up I was rather pleased at the results. I had a very clean floor, something I had not seen in quite a while. So I thought to myself, had I not been forced to move the table and chairs and get down here to get this glass up, I may not have seen how much this floor really needed to be mopped.

By this time I was able to talk to the children in a calmer voice and I called them into the living room. I explained that I was very upset because they were disobedient. I told them that they knew they were to stay in their seats and not get up and play around like they did and hence cause an accident. I also reminded them that some one could have been hurt if glass had cut them.

Then I began to talk about God and our disobedience to Him and how He shows us grace. I told them that He still loves us even when we mess up and that when we are sorry about disobeying Him that He is able to turn things around for good.

I told them that I had not realized how much the floor needed to be scrubbed because the table and chairs were always there covering those parts of the floor and that sometimes in our disobedience other things are uncovered that need attention.

I explained to them that this accident caused me to see what I needed to do and that as a result what was a bad situation turned out for the good. I showed them the clean floor and the box with the broken glass. If not for the broken glass I told them I may not have cleaned the floor the way it needed to be cleaned. I assured them that it was OK and that I forgave them for their disobedience and stressed grace. I told them that no matter what God and  I are always on their side.

Now I am not an advocate for being disobedient but this taught me that sometimes in God's grace a good thing can come from our making mistakes. God can uncover deeper issues in us and turn things around for us.

This weeks object lesson.

everyday talk.....

Saturday, February 8, 2014

In love again...

Many years ago I gave  birth to a beautiful baby girl and now my baby girl has given birth to a beautiful baby girl of her own. It's official, I'm a grandmother! 

I'm thankful to be alive to be a grandmother. My daughter is even more beautiful than ever.