Saturday, June 22, 2013

The 50/12 Project begins today!

It's a beautiful morning with clear skies ahead. Today we begin our journey to see all fifty states in the next twelve years, "The 50/12 Project". I was motivated to start this project with my children after reading a great book by Dr. Ben Carson, called "America the Beautiful". I would highly recommend this book as well as his other books. In the book he states that as an adult he's been able to see forty nine of the fifty states in America. I was so impressed to the point that I decided to start "The 50/12 Project" for my children.

The goal of The 50/12 Project is take our minor children to see all fifty states before they go out on their own as adults. I am a native Washingtonian, Washington DC is not yet a state, and have seen a total of eight states in America, and I am in my mid forties. How awesome it will be to give my children the gift of seeing all of the beauty in this great country called America.

So today we leave to see our first state, Maryland. Our goal is to cover the Northeastern states first and then work our way over to the west coast, Hawaii and Alaska will be our last stop. We are packed up and ready to go, the children are sleeping but were full of excitement last night as we discussed our first visit.

I primed them this way. We looked at our wall map and identified the states we will visit first, they love the map. Next I borrowed a DVD about the northeastern states and we watched it a couple of times. Although they don't quite grasp all that is going on here, they know it's something big and important and they are ready to go see America.

They are starting to wake up one by one, so we'll eat breakfast, pack a lunch for the road and we're off. Good bye Virginia, Maryland here we come! Our first stop, the Baltimore Harbor. God's grace is with us.  

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