Saturday, June 22, 2013

Big fun in Maryland

We are off to a great start. Right now the children are enjoying watching cartoons in our hotel room,  we don't have cable at home, this is a treat for them. So here are some pictures of the places we visited today in the state of Maryland. Enjoy as we kick off "The 50/12 Project".

                                                             Welcome to Maryland.

                                   The Crain Memorial Welcome Center in Maryland.

                                   Ms. JoAnn at the welcome center, she was the best!

We visited the State House Square in Annapolis, fascinating. We also saw the Governor's Mansion, more pictures to come.  

                                          Brown v Board of Education statue.

                                                The Thurgood Marshall Memorial.

                                                        The Senate Chambers


                                                             The House Chambers

                                                       The House of Delegates.

                                             Here is Camden Yards baseball stadium.

                                        At the Reginald Lewis Museum in Baltimore.

                                        Arts and crafts at the Reginald Lewis Museum.

                                                     The lovely Baltimore Harbor.

                                          World Trade Building in Baltimore, MD.

Tomorrow we have more places to visit in Maryland. For now we are enjoying a little rest and relaxation. It's amazing what you notice when you actually take the time to look and enjoy, children really help you take notice of life. Thank you for joining us. Stay tuned for tomorrow!



  1. What fun! I want to go on field trips with you! It appears to be a much better experience compared to a five hours trip with of six buses, 500 students, and 30 parents.

  2. Tracey, I take my hat off to you. Five hundred students? That's a true adventure! I only hope the children will grow up to appreciate what we are trying to accomplish with them. As you can imagine we won't see you in church tomorrow. lol

    When you want to come on, join us. We can use the help!