Friday, June 14, 2013

Cat in the sun

We can learn a lot of lessons if we look around at nature and all the other things that surround our lives. I recently learned a lesson from my cat, that's right my kitty cat taught me something valuable. We have two male cats and they like to be outside, especially when the children are out. They stay in our yard and don't venture out much.

There was a cat fight and our cat was wounded, we did not know at the time how serious it was. The next day the children and I were outside and could not find the cat who had been in a fight, he was hiding under the house and would not come out to eat. This was alarming because the cats love to eat. When Tiger, the cat, came out he looked terrible and was very unresponsive.

My friend was helping me with the children and she even noticed how rough he looked. He limped away as if he didn't want to be bothered. Later on we noticed the cat was laying out in the sun. Usually both cats lay on the deck in the shade right beside each other, but all day long the cat stayed in the sun.

At first I was afraid he was dying, he would not even look at me nor would he open his mouth to meow. My friend told me she was afraid Tiger was dying also. My husband came home and checked him out and said he would be ok and that if we had to we would go to the vet. For the next few days Tiger stayed in the sun, to my surprise he got stronger and stronger and began to eat.

Before I knew it Tiger was back to normal, whatever that is for a cat...He was playing, eating and meowing again. What is the lesson I learned from Tiger the cat? When Tiger was wounded, he stayed in the sun, when he needed to be healed, he stayed in the sun. He laid in the sun and stayed in the sun until he was better.

The same applies to us. When we need healing we can lay in the SON. When we are wounded we can lay in the SON. When we are hurt and discouraged we can lay in the SON. In Jesus, the SON we find our strength and our reason to go on despite the fight. In Jesus, the SON we can be restored and renewed. Everything we need we can find, if only we lay in the SON and stay in the SON.

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