Saturday, June 8, 2013

Attitude of gratitude!

It's a beautiful morning and I hear the birds singing outside of my window. Today I decided to write about gratitude. The art of gratitude is a habit and I find writing things down makes a better impression on my heart.

Every night, or almost every night before I go to bed I write in my gratitude journal. It's simple, I just list five to ten things I'm thankful for or blessings for that day. It's a great way to end the day.

You can pick up a spiral notebook, journal, or whatever to do this. Sometimes I jot things down during the day so that I remember later on to write them down in my journal.

Some of my journal entries include:

                                              I'm thankful the kids are in bed sleeping

                                     thankful the kids were excited about the turtle in the yard

                                           thankful the baby birds are growing wings

                                                      thankful the kids plants are growing

                                         thankful the husband took kids for a ride on the mower

thankful the husband fixed kids bikes

thankful the husband put gas in my van

I recently added a new twist to my writing at night. It seems something to complain about is always present in terms of our spouse. To combat the urge to complain, I now list a few things I'm thankful about in terms of my husband. So often we focus on what the other does not do and we forget to see the things that are done. Now when I sit and write them out I see just how blessed I am to be married to the man I married almost seven years ago.

Below is a link to a great website about gratitude to get you moving in that direction. Have a God blessed day filled with gratitude and love.

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