Sunday, June 9, 2013

The 3 R's

From time to time I re-evaluate my goals in terms of teaching the children. As they get older I discover new things to be implemented or improved. What in a nutshell is most important at this time to convey? I narrowed it down to the 3 R's. Respectful, responsible and resourceful.

Respectful. My desire is that my children respect themselves. Next they should respect all people, especially those who are in authority over them. Respect is almost a lost art today. While folks feel entitled to it, there's no deep conviction to give it. Being respectful is an attitude of the heart coupled with humility and with the right attitude you can get anywhere you want to go and be anything you want to be.

Responsible. Children should be taught how to be responsible for themselves, whether cleaning up a mess made or being able to make a simple sandwich. Making up the bed they sleep in is their responsibility and gives them a sense of ownership and pride. Moreover, I want my children to understand that they are responsible for their own actions, and their actions alone. I don't want them pointing the finger at another but rather owning up to what they do.  

Resourceful. No matter what comes their way, I want my children to be able to thrive and not be stopped by external forces or circumstances. This could mean creating a business, building their own homes, or growing their own food to be self sustaining. Nothing in this world or economy is certain so our children must learn to be resourceful and creative in order to be who they are created to be. This is a strong trait I admire in my husband.

We recently watched a documentary about George Washington Carver, it was life changing. He was born to slaves and became one of the most famous inventors known. During his years of teaching at Tuskegee University he did not have the science technology available nor did he have a typical science lab at his disposal. Instead of giving up and teaching the bare minimal, he took his students out and about town visiting dumps and collecting old bottles, cans and other objects. Before they knew it, his students had a full operational science lab which they all created themselves. When I saw how resourceful they were I decided right then that I wanted my children to grow to be adults who are resourceful and who will work what they have.

So my focus for the next few years with the children will be the 3 R's. Raising them to be:

Respectful. Responsible. Resourceful.

To read more about the fascinating life of George Washington Carver click on the link below.


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