Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Your words promote?

Do your words promote fear or confidence? Do we pay attention to the things we say to our children? Our words will either inspire fear or confidence when we speak to our children or for that matter any children. Here are a few examples.

Stop running before you fall!

Put on a sweater or you'll catch a cold.

Get down before you fall and break your neck.

Wear your hat or you might get sick.

Study for your test or you might fail.

All these promote fear to the hearer. Instead, if we take time to think before we speak maybe what we say can be more helpful and encouraging. Positive begets positive. Instead of promoting fear we can promote caution mixed with confidence.

*Try these same ideas worded in a more positive way.

Stop running only use your walking feet in the house.

Put on your sweater so you'll stay nice and warm.

Get down and play where it's safe.

Wear your hat and keep the heat in.

Study for your test and you'll do great!

Any suggestions? We would love to hear from you.

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