Monday, July 29, 2013

Delaware at the Command Museum Pt 2

We are back home and there is so much to catch up on as well as post about our exciting visit to Delaware. So here we go...

There was so much to take in at the Air Mobility Command Museum so we went back to finish our tour. I'm so glad we did or we would have missed so much. Not only did the children have fun but the big people did also!


                       The entrance near Dover Air Force Base

                                 Our future structural analysis engineer

                            or maybe an aerodynamic engineer 

                  Is it my turn to fly? Not sure about this co-pilot business!

                              The husband's lesson before take off...

                                  This board was very interesting!

                                 Which button should I push next?

Of course traveling to see the United States will be fun but it will also open up endless possibilities of learning new things. Since we visited the AMCM I will create a lesson on the law of thrust, lift and aerodynamics. How much will they understand about this? I might be surprised. Children are open to learning and experimenting. My goal is exposure, fun and learning, in that order.

While visiting the states we also talk about the facts, such as Delaware is considered the first state because it was the first of the original thirteen colonies to ratify the Constitution, later these colonies became the United States. We learned that Dover is the capital of Delaware and we also visited that city. Will they remember Dover as being the capital? Not so sure about that right now? Will they remember we visited Dover? Most likely and just in case they don't, we have pictures to back up our claim.

Next post, the Nanticoke Indian Museum! Stay tuned and tell a friend.

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