Monday, July 22, 2013

Good people still exist!

As I sit here in my plush office (today it's the dining room table) I am reminded of a post that's over due and is inspired by a true story.

One day a mother went into the grocery store to purchase food for her young children. The children were excited because mommy planned a special lunch for them. After the groceries were purchased the mommy and children went and loaded up the van, the children were a little rowdy and this distracted the mom. It seems nobody wanted to buckle up, they wanted to play instead.

The mommy drove off but did not get out of the parking lot before she remembered the groceries had not been loaded into the van. So turned around and went back to the parking space which was on the opposite end of the exit. To her surprise the cart was gone. She and the children got out and went back into the store hoping to find the cart had been turned in. Not so. The groceries were gone...

Some of the employees went to look outside and one customer said she saw a cart with bags in it when she pulled up. The mom did not see the cart or the groceries and her heart began to sink, this was all the money she had and her allotted amount for groceries.

She was so sad that right there in the middle of the store in front of everyone she broke down in tears, she could not hold them back. The manager said the store was not liable and there was nothing he could do. He did take her name and number just in case anyone turned the food in.

She went home disappointed and the children did not quite grasp why the mommy was so sad. She did not know how to tell them they would not get the special lunch, she cried all the way home. She got home and called the store to see if there was any hope. Nothing.

A few minutes had passed and then the phone rang. On the other end was a sales associate, the groceries were not found, however, something even greater happened. There was a lady in the store that saw what happened and saw the mommy break down and cry. She was so moved with compassion that she asked how much the bill was. She left the money for the mommy to purchase the food again.

This very kind lady made sure her name was kept a anonymous. She said "I just want her to know that good people still exist." She left the cash and the mommy cried again, this time tears of joy not just for the money but for the kindness of a stranger. The mommy and the children went back to the store with the same list and purchased the food to the exact dollar amount of the original purchase. God had answered prayer.

On the way home from the first trip while crying the mommy told the children that we had to pray that God would help us get our food back. We all took turns praying and now we had our food again.

The mommy in this story was me and even as I write this tears flow. The kind lady is someone I still don't know but I dedicate this post to her. God is good and good people still exist. Whoever you are and where ever you are Ma'am, God bless you.

Now it's up to me to go like wise and do the same.

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