Thursday, August 29, 2013

The purpose of marriage is?

I recently did a survey on what people thought the purpose of marriage was. I dedicate this post to those who have aspirations of marriage and to those already married asking yourself "what in the world".  I'm thankful for great and thought out responses to this question and I will share them below.

The purpose of marriage:

To build strength and weakness.

Sharing life with another person.

Personal development.

Make you closer to God.

To bring completion. Did you here the phrase "you complete me"?

To teach compromise.

To have someone to love and be loved.

I suppose there is no one purpose of marriage but rather there are several. My thoughts are right along with the ones above. Of course all of these are opinions which mean they are subjective.

In my opinion the purpose of marriage is also service. In essence, looking to serve and not looking to be served but if that happens it's icing on the cake. Most of the time it's reciprocal, if both are serving the same purpose.  Marriage teaches you humility and forgiveness.

Another purpose of marriage is to meet a need. Meeting a need sometimes requires sacrifice, self has to take a step back and you must be willing to bleed to meet the need, figuratively speaking of course.

Most of us go into a marriage looking for what we can get and forget about what we will have to give or even give up. Marriage is a great thing when you understand it's purpose. Like anything else there must be clarity or purpose may get lost. 

For everything there is a purpose and there's a purpose for everything including marriage! What's your purpose for marriage?

Next more challenges in today's marriages and how to overcome them.

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