Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Opposites attract (our differences)

This post is a follow up to my prior post called, opposites attract. For the record, I'm referring to opposite personalities only and not character traits, core values, philosophical beliefs or spiritual convictions.

In our quest for oneness, we won't think just alike nor will we agree on everything. Oneness means our souls and hearts are knitted together through love and forgiveness. Being one means no person or circumstance will be able to penetrate. Being one might mean sharing thoughts sometimes but we will never share a brain, they are all wired differently. This is a good thing!

There will always be two people becoming one who think and act differently and here is where balance comes in. Balance is an essential key to making differences work in a marriage. In all actuality our differences can complement each other. Just maybe it was designed to be that way, hence the term "opposites attract and like cells repel" a perfect science.

Suppose both people were free spirit spenders, would there be enough money to pay bills and stay within a budget? What if both were too tight with a buck ( a spend thrift) would life be enjoyed? The free spirit spender and the spend thrift balance each other out but only if they respect each others differences and allows the other to complement the marriage. You see the spend thrift brings balance to the free spirit spender so there is money left to pay bills as well as save while the free spirit spender brings balance so the spend thrift is able to enjoy some things in life that might other wise be missed.

Another good example is a passive person and an aggressive person in a marriage. You might think that one would run over the other but in actuality they can complement each other and bring harmony to the marriage. Two aggressive people might not be able to get past arguing and two passive people might hold it all in and this could eventually eat away at a marriage as well as personal health and well being. However, if the aggressive person will learn to calm down from the passive person while the passive person learns to speak up, some issues can be ironed out and the marriage can thrive.

Consequently, this balance not only works within the marriage, it's a life lesson because everywhere we go there are folks that are opposite that we must contend with. Whether at work, community, social networks and the like we will have to work together with people unlike ourselves, we might as well practice at home. The way I see it opposites attract because we really need each other.

Finally what makes it all work in a marriage is prayer. When I was younger I heard that a family that prays together stays together. Through the power of prayer we find the strength to love, accept and forgive each other, we understand our need for each other. Prayer helps us remember that none of us will ever be perfect but we can be perfect for each other.

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