Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Connecting Pt 2

This is a follow up to my previous post on finding ways to connect with your spouse. Connecting is always a challenge when raising children so planning is key. The suggestions for connecting were pretty simple, a few minutes here, a dessert there or a movie night. Perhaps these don't sound much like connecting but we have to start somewhere.

Connecting can take on different forms. Maybe you won't be able to sit for hours and pour out your heart yet. But the few minutes spent together alone just having a conversation can make a difference. Watching a movie together won't exactly allow you to talk, especially if your spouse is like mine, but just being able to sit beside each other without a little person crawling between you can be refreshing. You can enjoy a good laugh while you cuddle, share a bowl of munchies and just relax together.  

Having dessert together without the kids can be oh so sweet. Small conversation between bites and being able to listen intently can bring a closeness at the end of a hectic long day. Why not feed each other a little dessert to add to the closeness?

Again these may sound like small things to incorporate but just remember small changes can lead to BIG results! What are the results? A happier marriage and a happier you.

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