Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Seven of me?

There are days I wish there were seven of me. Not sure my husband would say the same. As a matter of fact he says one of me is more than enough! I wonder does he mean that? Back to my point, if there were seven of me I could get lots more done.

One of me would read all day from sun up to sun down.

The second me would peruse  all of my favorite websites, social media's, and blogs.

The third me would write and blog all day.

The forth me would complete the novel I've been working on for the past seven years.

The fifth me would do all the mommy/wife stuff.

The sixth me would pray a lot and visit those who are confined at home or at nursing facilities.

The seventh me would spend the day connecting with people via email, phone calls and letter writing.

At the end of the day the seven of me would converge to rest. So there you have it, this is how all seven of me would spend my day.

What would you do if there were more of you?


  1. If there were 7 of me I'd make big home cooked meals every night, have time to run every night and then someone to do all my errands.

  2. I totally get that! Especially the errands part. Thanks for your comments Morgan.

  3. Seven of me? Well, 5 of me would sit on my porch and rest, sip on sweet tea and enjoy all the scenery, what God has painted. It would be a Women's conference talking to those who understand me. One of the other two would do what I do which is a laundry list and the last one would love on my grandkids... yeah! The world better be glad there's only one of me!

  4. I hear you Pastor P! The sweet tea sounds inviting. Two men (disciples) turned the world upside down, imagine what seven of you would do?! LOL Imagine what three of you could do? I think about the great things one of you is doing right now!