Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fun at the alpaca farm

Today was a great day for a trip to the alpaca farm (Camillo Valley)! The children enjoyed it and I enjoyed myself as well. We actually took two trips...The alpaca's are lovely animals, very gentle and friendly. They are related to the llamas and camels. The owner (Sharon) was the best! She was a wealth of information and she was a very gracious hostess.

We learned lots about the alpaca, it's lifestyle, types of fleece/fibers, diet and temperament. We saw all of the quality items made from the alpaca fleece as well as the way the fleece is spun and turned into yarn, so exciting.

This trip was more than I ever could have imagined and my children learned much more by seeing them verses looking at books and flash cards. This is the beauty of learning outside of the classroom and viewing the real world whenever possible. Don't get me wrong I am a book fanatic, but seeing the real thing is much better. They say a lesson learned from experience is one seldom forgotten. Today was a lesson I shall never forget.

Enjoy the pictures. I took close to one hundred but had to narrow them down for this post.

So calm and friendly.

She's got them eating out the palm of her hand...

Too cute.

It's amazing how soft they are.

My buddy!

I really like you!

Love at first sight...
Where's the food?
The boys are learning how to feed alpacas.

Sharon is very patient and a great teacher.

Alpaca fleece

Getting warmed up!

She decided to write a report for her friends.

She illustrates...

My daughter was so excited, she decided to write down what she saw and learned so she could share with her friends. She also drew pictures of the alpaca's to give out to her friends. Without her knowing it she was actually writing a report without me asking her to do it and then decided to illustrate it. This is cool learning!

A few amazing facts about alpacas:

Gestation time is about 12 months. I would not like to be pregnant for that
The hair is called fiber or fleece.
There are 2 kinds of alpacas, suri and huacaya.
The fibers are used for things such as clothing and blankets.
They respond well to children.
Alpacas are herd animals, they appreciate community and companionship.
The average weight is 120-200 lbs.
Alpacas are herbivores. They graze on grass and eat hay and weeds.
They have 3 stomachs!
A baby alpaca is called a cria.
They have no top teeth but they eat very well!

The name of the alpaca farm we visited is called Camillo Valley. For more information click on the link below.


  1. You met my friend Sharon at the llama farm. She is a WONDerful person. It looks like you all had a really, really good time.

  2. Hey Tracey! Yes she is WONDERFUL and we loved the farm. My baby girl was thrilled beyond words, she wants to be a vet. Any other places you can suggest to take her to see animals? The Va State Fair is coming and we are going... lol