Friday, September 6, 2013

A Legacy gone but not forgotten...

I hope this post finds you all doing well. It's been a while since I posted due to the passing of my grandfather. My grandfather passed away in his home this week at the age of ninety two. He lived a full life and we were blessed to have him as long as we did.

He leaves a great legacy of family, which is a great focus in my world of writing and blogging. My grandfather along with his mother raised five children after my grandmother passed away when my mom was a very young child. He served in the military and later became a college math professor. He loved education and loved educating others.

My grandfather never gave me toys and dolls as presents, he always gave books, maps and dictionary's. One year I remember him giving me a set of encyclopedia's when I was in elementary school. It was very exciting for me. I have memories of just sitting on the floor looking through the books waiting to get a project to write about so I could use my encyclopedia's. There were so many books from a-z and here they were right in my hands, it was love at first sight and to this day I still love books.

Grandfather always corrected my English, if I said a word incorrectly, he made sure I said it right. First he would say "what did you just say?". Whenever I heard that statement I know I said something wrong. After I would repeat it, he would tell me the correct way to pronounce the word and make me say it again. I then adopted the same  trait and I still correct my children's English, it's funny because I find myself wanting to correct adults also, it's my grandfather in me.  

This post is dedicated to him and as we lay him to rest, he will never be forgotten. He lives on through his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. 

My grandfather and I when he turned 92

My husband and my grandfather, they were good buddies.

My children with their great-grandfather.

I  choose to remember him as he lived, I remember his wit and sharpness at 92 years old. May he rest in peace. Please keep my family in your prayers as the final arrangements are being made.

Cherish the moments and God bless.


  1. Verlyn,
    I am terribly sorry to hear about your grandfather's passing. What a great man he was and how blessed you are to have been delivered into his family. Your story has inspired me to emulate his gift giving strategies!


    P.S. I miss my grandfathers, too.

  2. Thanks so much Tracey. My grandfather was not a big talker but when he spoke he had something to say. Thanks for reading my blog and commenting!

    Blessings to you always.

  3. May his soul rest in peace. The one thing I know for sure, the memories of our loved ones who have passed never leave. They will always be present in our hearts, memories and the everyday signs and signals they show us in different ways. Your post made me miss my dad even more. But I do know he lives on within me.

  4. Thanks so much Lucy. Your words are very encouraging. My mom says I have some grandfather's his So you're right he lives on within me. Thanks for reading and thanks even more for commenting.

    Blessings to you.