Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bitter sweet...

Last week our family said goodbye to grandfather. As is common the family gathered together to celebrate his life and legacy. While the occasion was a sad one it was like a family reunion. I saw family members I have not seen in over twenty five years. Some members I saw about five years ago but we did not fully connect like we did this time.

I actually forgot how big my family is because I am an only child and rarely see my cousins and their children. By connecting with my cousins, I learned new things about my grandfather that I did not know. It made me appreciate him even more because he did not talk about everything he did, he just did it.  

So here are a few of the pictures my husband so graciously took in order for me to save these precious memories. Of course we hope to keep in touch in one form or another but then again life happens. These pictures will be a reminder to cherish life and those we love. Enjoy!

Just for the record, there were 4 sets of twins there, three of which are identical!

My twin boys and my cousin's twin girls...

I call them the cutie pie twins.

My little cousins!

More little cousins... he has the twin girls.

More and more cousins!!

Cousins and cousins children...

Me and the uncle...he's a twin too!

Mom and aunt... mom is also a twin.

Cousin and aunt...she's the uncle's twin!

Cousin and baby girl.

Uncle and his son (my little cousin) saw him last at 6 years old.

It was sort of a sad day but a great day in which we gathered together after many years and were able to remember our grandfather. He would have enjoyed this. Cherish the moments with your family while they are still here.

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