Friday, April 12, 2013

Clothes for charity

It's Friday and tomorrow I get to sleep late. Very good indeed.  

So, yesterday I spent the day putting the children's winter clothes away and pulling out the spring/summer collection. Yes, I said "collection". I could not believe how many clothes had accumulated in those boxes and plastic containers.

I am blessed to have friends who pass down clothes to me for the children, saves a ton of money. Usually, I go through the clothes when the seasons change and pass them along to someone else. This has been a standing tradition in my house.

Last night as I was folding and stacking the "give away" clothes, something new came to mind. Why not have a yard sale? Instead of passing the clothes to someone who may or may not need them, I'll recycle them back into the community. Everything will be sold for a quarter as in (25 cents) a piece.

All of the money made will be donated to a charity of choice. This plan will incorporate my children. As I see it, it's a win-win situation. The children and I talk about caring for others and giving to those in need, but now we can put our talk in action. They are only 4 and 5 yrs old,  but this is a great way to get started, at least on a small scale.

So this is the plan. We will have our talk again about caring and giving and then we will chose a charity or ministry to give to. When we have our yard sale they can help me sort and put the clothes on the table and decorate signs for the sale. We can also decorate a jar for the money to go in, they love this sort of thing.

Teaching my children to care about others, is very important to me. It's easy to just say, do this or do that but how much impact will it make...

On the other hand, if we demonstrate it and allow them to participate, we sow seeds into their hearts and minds. They see and feel what giving and caring is all about and from there, hopefully a legacy will begin. Caring for and about others must be taught and practised just like any other life lesson.

A date. Now we must chose a date for our yard sale. I suppose we have to clean out the garage in case of rain, this might prove more complicated than I thought... No worries, we'll make it happen.

These are not all of the clothes (see below) I still have boxes to go through.

I'll keep you posted.

Do you have any ideas relating to giving or charities?  If so, please share them. Your idea could be featured next!

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Remember. Great things are always happening!


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