Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Can we really overcome evil with good?

First off, I'm very glad to have my computer back, it was being serviced. Now to catch up with posting.  Hope you have been doing great for the past few days.

The post stems from a conversation I had with a very good friend about dealing with difficult people or those opposed to us, in addition to my own personal battles. I tried to push certain feelings aside and just hope folks would go away, we all know this does not happen. Even if the person goes away, someone else is sure to pop up and take their place, so we might as well face the challenge. It seems most of us have to deal with overcoming evil with good in some form or another.

So then the question is not "can we overcome evil with good" but will we? I don't wear this as a badge of honor, but I'm more of a "smack em" type by nature. I know, I know, that's broken English...  something about "smack them" just doesn't have the same impact!

True enough smacking folks is not listed as a way to overcome evil with good, it's just returning evil for evil, nothing is overcome that way.

How then do we deal with conniving co-workers, nightmare neighbors, outlaws (I mean) in-laws, manipulating step-children, sour siblings, the list goes on...

Might I suggest we start on our knees. It's the most humbling place to start. You see these issues are beyond us as most are. These are issues of the heart and we can't change that. The truth is most of us can't really change ourselves, but there is one who can.

What I try to remind myself is that God has a purpose and plan for their lives (other than driving me nuts) just like He has for mine. He loves them as much as He loves me. If  we don't allow pride and offence to blind us, we can begin to pray for those who chose to make our lives miserable.

There are no fancy quotes or antidotes. We can start with a simple prayer like this. "God bless ________." You fill in the blank. I have tried this and will still try this and it can be a fight just to get these words out. There were times when I did not want to say the persons name. So then we pray "God help me" and He will. He hears us when we pray. We may not see instant results, but change is going on behind the scenes. If we are praying for a person I'm convinced we won't look at them the same, even when they start to cut up.

Maybe the change will never come in the other person. Maybe, just maybe the miracle of change will take place in my heart, in your heart. Maybe this person is the avenue of growth for me and for you. Maybe the person does not even want to be the way they are and they need someone to pray for them in order to set them free.  

We can overcome evil with good, but it first starts in us, with us and then through us.

After you read this post, make a point to start praying regularly and I mean really praying for yourself and your enemy of choice. I'll do the same. Let's watch as prayer changes us. 

If you have tips on overcoming evil with good, please share them or share your story.

Remember victory begins on our knees. Be an overcomer!  

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