Sunday, April 14, 2013

Before you call the plumber...

It's a great day and boy do I have something funny to share with you!

The toilet has been getting clogged a lot lately. Finally it got so bad that we had to shut off that toilet and lock the door. Thank God for a second bathroom. We were taking a guess as to how much we would have to pay for a plumber to come out and fix it. Keep in mind we used everything on the market to unclog the toilet but nothing worked.

Before pulling out the "big guns/bucks" and calling the plumber, we asked ourselves "what is clogging up the toilet?"  So my husband decided to dig a little deeper. He got out the old wire coat hanger and started digging in.  Can you take a guess at what he found? Read on...

Let me first mention, if I have not already, that I have 3 children all 5 yrs old and under at home. Two of which are twin boys, 4 yrs old. Can you see where I'm going with this? To my knowledge they were going in the bathroom, using it, washing their hands, and then coming out like good little fellas. They make mommy so proud.  

So what to my wondering eyes should appear?

These were pulled out of our toilet after about 40 minutes of digging with the hanger! When the boys were asked about this, they confessed. They just didn't know why they did it! Were they conducting science experiments?  How many tooth brushes can fit in the toilet? Do tooth brushes float? How many tooth brushes does it take to clog the toilet? Will mom or dad ever find these? I have to give them credit because they only flushed their tooth brushes. How considerate... I wonder what else is lurking around down there?

We had a good laugh about this! So what did I take away from this besides "I better watch the boys in the bathroom" and " put the tooth brushes up high."

In a nut shell, we almost called a plumber to do what we could do because we thought it was beyond us. Sometimes a problem or issue can be less serious than we think. We just have to take the time to communicate, not jump to conclusions and ask questions. Pretty simple? Not always, it takes practise.

It's amazing what we adults can learn from the shenanigans of our little ones. Thanks boys for giving me something to write about today!

Have a Super Sunday and a Marvelous Monday!

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