Sunday, December 1, 2013

I'm thankful for...

Thanksgiving came and left so soon. I have lots to be thankful for this year, God has been good to us. First off, I have my computer back, even though it's on it's last leg and soon I'll have to get another but for now it works and all of my documents and pictures are saved! Yipee!

Next, the boys are doing better. They have been battling colds and pneumonia while running back and forth to the doctor's office. Thank God they are now sleeping soundly at night and so am I.

Waiting to be seen at the doctor's office...They look pretty happy don't they?

Now they are singing while we wait!!

I am also thankful that my husband still has his fingers after his accident on the table saw at work.

The boys were actually under the weather still when their birthday arrived and we had to cancel the party we set up for them but we did a little something for them at home which they enjoyed. They got to eat ice cream and cake for cool is that?

Happy Birthday boys!!

Had to party at home until they got better...

Cake and ice cream for breakfast???  Yes, it's true.

My first born had her baby shower and it was a great success. Things were lovely, the food was good and I got to see lots of old friends and church family. She was blessed with many gifts for the grandbaby. It's getting close to that time.

My first born. I love her so much! Beautiful inside and out!

What a great Thanksgiving, things may not be perfect but all in all we have lots to be thankful for. Now we must start thanks "giving" which will turn into thanks"living"... Many blessings to all as we prepare for Advent.


  1. Wow!! You have been busy. I can't wait to see the soon-to-be grandbaby pictures. You are in my prayers and thoughts often.

    1. Tracey, you know we miss you, it's NOT the same without you. Thanks for always reading and keeping up with us!!! Most of all thanks for your prayers girlfriend...

  2. Blessed woman of God...I enjoyed that! Tell those boys I said Happy Belated Birthday!!! Hope to see you soon.

  3. Hi Pastor Parker!! Thanks for reading and commenting. We will see you soon, things have been in an uproar but they are calming down now.... I know another seminar is in the making, I can feel it and it will be better than ever. I will be in touch, see you soon. Blessings!