Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Adopt a tree project

As most of you know our family loves "projects". Homeschool means lots of them all the time. Due to the fact that my computer has been away in repair I have not been able to write about the latest ones. I am happy to be able to post this one. Adopt a tree to decorate.

We went to the library to adopt a tree to decorate. This is how this project works. First you pick up the tree and then take it home to decorate it. On the appointed date the tree will be taken back to the library and judged and whoever has the most decorative tree will win a prize. After the judging all the decorated trees will be taken to the chosen senior center and given away to the elderly who live there. This will brighten their Christmas and remind them that others are thinking about them. This fits right into the theme of compassion for others and the true meaning of Christmas.

My children did all of the decorating without any help whatsoever and they were very proud to do so. I explained what the ultimate goal was, which was to decorate trees to give away and they were happy about that. They did however pray to God that they would win the contest... Oh well!

Enjoy the pictures as we listened to Christmas music while they worked on the tree.

The end result, a beautiful Christmas tree decorated and ready to give away. I wish I could say that this was a perfect and peaceful project but it wasn't without a little conflict, after all they are still children...but they did have fun!

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