Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The home school dad

This post was inspired by my very good friend of over thirty years, R.D. She posted pictures of her husband doing a science lesson with their children, they home school also. So, I decided to follow in her footsteps. Since I always take pictures for record keeping purposes I decided to post some as well.

The current culture does not always paint dads in a good light, especially the media. So this post is a positive one to spread a message that there are plenty of dads doing great things!

You may recall my post about my husbands accident on the job as well as he is home in the healing process. And I mean he is home all of the time... whew! Well one of the perks of him being home is his willingness to help home school/educate the children.

Here are a few pictures of a good father in action. For this I am truly thankful.

Even though his hand is injured he is teaching his son how to hold his pencil.

Whether we educate in the morning or the evening, it's always better when dad is involved. Please hear me, both of us being home all the time does present it's own set of challenges but the good far outweighs the bad.

Kudos's to all the dads who take time for their children. Your presence means everything!

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