Thursday, February 13, 2014

Listening for the nail

Recently I was taking down some décor from my walls, the last of the Christmas garland. I know it's ridiculous but I just love Christmas decorations. As I was pulling out a little nail from the wall, it dropped. Seeing that I was standing on a ladder, I knew it would be hard to see where the tiny nail was falling so instinctively I closed my eyes, listening for the direction the nail would fall in.

I heard it fall to the right side of where I was standing on the ladder. I got down and picked the nail right up.

As I finished up my project, this thought came to me. Sometimes when we are in a challenging situation, we try to see the situation instead of listening to or listening for God. Perhaps we need to close our eyes to what we see (the circumstances) and listen for the direction of the voice of God.

When I pulled out the nail and then dropped it, I did not have my glasses on and I knew I could not see which way it was going. By listening, being still and closing my eyes, I was able to follow the sound of the nail in terms of where it hit the floor. It all happened in the matter of a second or two but it was still a powerful lesson. 

There are times God may require that of us. Instead of looking at our surroundings, He may want us to listen for His voice as we close our eyes in prayer. Then He will lead us right to where He is.

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