Sunday, October 13, 2013

A very thankful Sunday...

This Sunday I am very thankful for God's faithfulness. My husband had an accident on his job this week that required him to have surgery. He was using a circular saw and cut through his fingers but God is faithful and his fingers were not lost. As a matter of fact it was the hand he does not write with.

While we know that accidents happen, we're never really prepared for them. But some how, in a way I was prepared and did not even know it. You see the night before right in the dining room we were watching videos on youtube. It started out with veggie tales and then I switched gears and found my favorite artist and favorite song. "When I Call on Jesus" by Nicole C. Mullen. I played it over and over, even my four year old wanted to hear it multiple times.

Little did I know I would need the strength of this song to carry me through my ordeal the next day. My husband needed surgery and so I ended up staying at the hospital until late that night. The children were at a friends house and I needed to get home as it was approaching ten p.m.. I found my way to the hospital but did not know how to get back home and home was an hour and a half away, I had a long ride a head of me, it was raining hard and my gas tank was on empty. Need I mention I was exhausted mentally and physically? 

I started to wonder how I was going to get back home alone but I had to stay and make sure my husband was stabilized and they thought he might be able to go home that night. Some how in my heart I know it would be ok because I was praying for God to help me find my way to the gas station and then home in the dark and in the rain and stay up for that long ride. 

Earlier that evening our pastor showed up unexpectedly, after all we were a long way away from home. I figured he was leaving soon as it was getting late. As it turned out he stayed with me until my husband woke up from surgery. He made sure I got to my van, showed me the way to the gas station and then led me on to the place where I was familiar. My prayers had been answered and God rescued me that night.  

After I got to where I could find my way home I began to cry as I realized God had taken care of me that night. He sent an angel via my pastor. I cried tears of joy as I worshipped God for hearing my cry and I was safely home with my children close to midnight that night.

If ever there is a song or scripture on your heart pay attention and take it all in. You never know whether or not it's your strength or prayer for the coming day or event. God could be preparing you for something to come. When I was singing about calling on Jesus I had no idea the next day I would really be calling on Him, that song strengthened my faith and prepared my heart.

Please click on the link below and enjoy the song which is my testimony for that night.


  1. What an awesome testimony of His love,grace and provision for us! Glad Tyrone is ok. Will pray for a speedy recovery

    1. Thanks so much Mrs. Good Thing I appreciate your comments and your prayers. God is so faithful! You never know what the day will bring but it's ok when God is with us. He's always looking out for us even when we don't even know it... Thanks for reading and sharing. God's blessings to you and yours, always.